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Hot Water Heaters and Boilers

Whether you have a hot water heater or a boiler, Timm Melvin Plumbing can provide expert installation and maintenance.

Water heaters receive a lot of work in a home. Think about it, every time you wash dishes, take a shower, and wash clothes in hot water, the hot water tank is utilized. Same thing for boilers, though many boilers serve a dual purpose of being used for radiant heat.

It is for these reasons that water heaters last a decade to perhaps a dozen years before they need to be replaced.

Timm Melvin will come out and install a new hot water heater or boiler by meticulously removing the old one and installing the new unit. No matter if its gas or electric, we can provide this expert work.

Timm Melvin Plumbing can be counted on for maintenance and to fix the unit if it malfunctions.

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